My word for 2015: Create

2015createOne of my favorite yearly traditions is to pick a word to guide my year. I have some darling friends who do it too and keep me inspired to continue the tradition each year. This year’s word was probably the easiest for me to come up with, but it was largely because it was a natural evolution of the words from years prior.

In 2013 I picked ‘release’. Though I didn’t know it at the time, 2013 would come to be a year of intense change and hardship for me (Saturn return, perhaps?). I had to let go of a lot – most notably my what I thought my life and my future should look like. Going in to 2013, I thought that I should buy a condo and I should stay at my “good job” and should should should… And that if I did all of those things, I would feel fulfilled. But guess what? I did all of the “right” things and I still didn’t feeling happy or worthy. So I released everything. And at the end of the year I drove across the country in an SUV with pretty much no plan at all. (Spoiler: it all worked out).

In 2014, I picked ‘breathe’. Coming off of a year of release, breathing was exactly what I needed in 2015. Focusing on presence and staying in the moment. Breathing through discomfort and moving toward ease in all areas of my life. I had a lot of time for introspection being in a new city. And I would say overall, I was able to keep it together through whatever life threw at me simply by just remembering to breathe.


For 2015, my word is ‘create’. It is the only fitting mantra for what is to come next in this little evolution of me. I’ve let go. I’ve been present, and now it’s time to start to move forward. I will continue to release and breathe, but I will do so as preparation for creation. The practice now is to DO.

Create, to me, looks like:

  • More inspiration: actively listening & observing, sticking to my artist dates, writing in my 5min journal
  • Less thinking, more doing: reading, writing, drawing, painting, publishing, dancing, speaking up, taking risks, asking for feedback
  • Launching: launching my newsletter (sign up?), launching some new services for clients (!!!), and putting more of myself out there in both content & spirit

Create is holding myself accountable for action, not just in my business but in my life. I’ve been thoughtful, I’ve been careful, and now I realize that my ideas are doing no one (not even myself) any good staying in my head.

Create is also a variation on one of my Core Desired Feelings: creation. If you know me, you probably know already that I am a big fan of using the Desire Map as a tool for goal setting… and also as a primer for how I simply want to exist in this world. The gist is that rather than being driven by accomplishments or achievements,  you instead choose to be driven by the feelings behind those motivators. Creation sits up there for me with devotion, abundance, empowered, and ease.

Do you choose #onelittleword for your year? What was yours?


For more on Desire Mapping and ‘setting goals with soul’, I highly recommend Danielle Laporte’s book Desire Map.


  • Thanks for linking to me, Kaitlin! I thought I had chosen my word for 2015, but now I’m not so sure… Stay tuned. xo

  • I can’t wait to hear it, Meghan! I am enjoying everyone’s #onelittleword posts so much this year.

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January 3, 2015

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