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2019 Planning Offerings

New Year is a crucial time for getting clear on objectives, identifying potential challenges, and putting together a plan. The thing most folks don’t realize is, a plan doesn’t need to be perfect and it certainly doesn’t need to be “right”.

The DIY Strategy Workbook

The DIY Strategy Workbook is 14 pages of example strategies, brand building and roadmapping activities, and worksheets to get you out from behind your monitor and into your flow state.

Flipping the script

Inspiration doesn’t live on a white board or sticky notes. We shove people in conference rooms to “workshop” for days on end and load them up with crappy food and then expect them to have answers. It’s no wonder we all feel like we’re on a hamster wheel.

Getting back in the saddle

As a strategist I thrive when I have time and space to observe & plan & think & read & write & listen. When I can work where and when I’m most comfortable and productive. When I have clients who respect me and value my point of view.

9 Ways to Combat Creative Block

Every bosslady knows that creativity is an indispensable asset. Whether your business relies on creative output like photography or design, or whether you solve tricky financial and legal problems for clients, there is incredible value in being able to move between creative and analytical approaches.

Advice for the aspiring researcher in 10 bullet points

Every time you think “I wonder why people…” start looking into it. See if there’s already research done that you can read and learn from, or come up with a hypothesis and find ways to test it in every day life.

Advice for ‘Ad Kids’ on going back to school

Yesterday my friend Nicole published an email with her advice for an aspiring “ad kid”. Like fellow lady boss Nicole, I get A LOT of people who email me for advice. Since I don’t work at an agency anymore, I don’t often get asked about things like internships (read her post for advice on that!), […]

Coaching: Strategy but for YOU.

While my business has been growing, I’ve also been trying to figure out how to offer a more accessible supplement to the high-touch engagements I do with my corporate clients. The first, and perhaps most obvious offering to come out of this exploration is Coaching.

A case against “social marketing”

Stop worrying so much about what’s new or what’s next or how to prepare. You can’t. Don’t worry about knowing everything about the hottest tools. Start getting interested in behavior.

My Rejected Fellowship Application

Inspired by Jason Smith and his Oxy project (which I’ve donated to), I decided to share the Personal Statement portion of my rejected Berkman Center Fellowship Application from January 2013.