Kaitlin Maud helps industry-leading brands & creative professionals make their best work. She is currently taking on new clients for spring 2017.

I’m fortunate to have worked with some amazing people

  • “With an expert understanding about what’s next for brands, Kaitlin was able to dissect our client’s current efforts, but also provide a roadmap of where they need to be heading to keep the digital party going.”Beth Tucker, East of Western
  • “Kaitlin created a personalized plan that took into account my industry, my voice and what would work for me. I left feeling much more confident about the next steps that would help to grow my business.” Katie Noble, Photographer
  • “She’s an unstoppable force that integrates into any and all aspects of an end-to-end strategic engagement… In the worlds of culture and marketing, Kaitlin is a truly invaluable asset.” Eric Tabone, SapientNitro

Now offering: Coaching

While my business has been growing, I’ve also been trying to figure out how to offer a more accessible supplement to the high-touch engagements I do with my corporate clients. With support from some amazing collaborators, I’ve started to put together standard product & service offerings for Maud Projects, LLC. The first, and perhaps most obvious offering to come out of this exploration is Coaching.

I am failing (and it’s OK)

You can choose to start over at anytime. I can choose right now to pick back up where I left off. The only risk associated with that is that I may fail. But the only real risk is trying to avoid failure at all.

2014 Annual Review

In addition to choosing #onelittleword to serve as a guide for me, I also have a tradition of doing an annual review at the end of each year. In the spirit of Creation, I shared my 2014 Review here.