Kaitlin Maud helps industry-leading lifestyle brands think strategically about consumer culture + the digital space. She is currently taking on new clients for January 2015.

I’m fortunate to have worked with some amazing people & brands.

  • “With an expert understanding about what’s next for brands, Kaitlin was able to dissect our client’s current efforts, but also provide a roadmap of where they need to be heading to keep the digital party going.”Beth Tucker, East of Western
  • “Kaitlin created a personalized plan that took into account my industry, my voice and what would work for me. I left feeling much more confident about the next steps that would help to grow my business.” Katie Noble, Photographer
  • “She’s an unstoppable force that integrates into any and all aspects of an end-to-end strategic engagement… In the worlds of culture and marketing, Kaitlin is a truly invaluable asset.” Eric Tabone, SapientNitro

New site, new look, new things

While I was heads down focusing on growing my business (and working with some of the best brands & agencies out here in LA), I began to neglect this pretty little site. So I brought in the big guns.

A case against “social marketing”

Stop worrying so much about what’s new or what’s next or how to prepare. You can’t. Don’t worry about knowing everything about the hottest tools. Start getting interested in behavior.

My Rejected Fellowship Application

Inspired by Jason Smith and his Oxy project (which I’ve donated to), I decided to share the Personal Statement portion of my rejected Berkman Center Fellowship Application from January 2013.