About —

I’m Kaitlin Maud – a consultant, strategist, researcher, & teacher.

My mission is to inspire and empower creative professionals. I have partnered with everyone from solopreneurs to ad agencies to Fortune 10 brands to help solve complex problems. I specialize in planning & strategy and have nearly 10 years of professional experience supporting digital and creative work specifically.

Kaitlin Maud

I grew my career in the advertising industry, working as a Strategist for some of the most recognized brands in the world including LeBron James, Panera, Staples, Adobe, Chrysler, and Luxxotica. Touted as the go-to for insights on millennials and youth culture, I was often speaking & presenting on behalf of my agency, and brought in to support thought leadership work and new business initiatives.

But being “the expert” quickly made me not the expert. It became hard to talk about trends and to inspire creative teams when I was stuck behind a desk for what felt like forever hours each week (and sometimes was).

So in the fall of 2013 I broke free.

I packed up an SUV and drove across the country from Boston to LA, where I started my own consultancy. If I was going to be an expert on culture, I was going to live it.

Now I spend as much time on client work as I do traveling, immersing myself in rich creative experiences, and most importantly talking with & listening to any & everyone I can. When I’m brought in to talk about people (users, consumers, communities), I represent their experience with confidence. I have even grown my consulting practice into working with some of these people directly as a coach, helping designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and game-changing executives create their best work.

My background

First and foremost, I’m an artist. I earned my BFA in Communication Design. With a focus on design thinking, interaction, and human factors, my coursework included Information Architecture, Design Process, and Design History. My thesis focused on curation as an expression of identity. I am deeply passionate about and empathetic toward creative work, which is evident in my approach as a consultant and coach.

I am also a certified educator (K-12 Art in the MA public school system), and 200hr Yoga Alliance certified Yoga instructor. I have been a teacher for General Assembly since their inception, and am as comfortable facilitating a User Experience or Brand Positioning workshop for a group of executives as I am leading a group of 6th graders through a guided meditation. (Though I am likely to find the latter more intimidating.)

Later in 2016, I will be offering many more workshops and launching other educational goodies. Subscribe here to be kept in the know for when that happens.

Want more?

In May 2013 I was invited to give a TEDx talk on my work [called “Lessons in Digital Anthropology”] which you can view on the TED site here.

I’ve also been featured on a few different publications over the years:

Lastly, I write semi-regularly on my blog, and I send out a weekly email of insights called The DL, which you can subscribe to (for free!, no catch) below.