Kaitlin Maud helps industry-leading brands & agency teams make their best work. She is currently taking on new clients for spring 2019.

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I’ve been fortunate to have worked with these amazing people (and lots of others too)!

The DIY Strategy Workbook

The DIY Strategy Workbook is 14 pages of example strategies, brand building and roadmapping activities, and worksheets to get you out from behind your monitor and into your flow state.

Flipping the script

Inspiration doesn’t live on a white board or sticky notes. We shove people in conference rooms to “workshop” for days on end and load them up with crappy food and then expect them to have answers. It’s no wonder we all feel like we’re on a hamster wheel.

Getting back in the saddle

As a strategist I thrive when I have time and space to observe & plan & think & read & write & listen. When I can work where and when I’m most comfortable and productive. When I have clients who respect me and value my point of view.