Kaitlin Maud helps industry-leading brands & creative professionals make their best work. She is currently taking on new clients for spring 2018.

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I’m fortunate to have worked with some amazing people

Now offering: Coaching

While my business has been growing, I’ve also been trying to figure out how to offer a more accessible supplement to the high-touch engagements I do with my corporate clients. With support from some amazing collaborators, I’ve started to put together standard product & service offerings for Maud Projects, LLC. The first, and perhaps most obvious offering to come out of this exploration is Coaching.

New site, new look, new things

While I was heads down focusing on growing my business (and working with some of the best brands & agencies out here in LA), I began to neglect this pretty little site. So I brought in the big guns.

A case against “social marketing”

Stop worrying so much about what’s new or what’s next or how to prepare. You can’t. Don’t worry about knowing everything about the hottest tools. Start getting interested in behavior.